Traditional Chinese Medicine


" In Padma Clinic we use all the technics that includes Traditional Chinese Medicine"


Acupuncture is a  technique  based  on the insertion  of  extremely  thin   needles   into specific points on the skin’s surface. These points are called “acupuncture points”  and are highly energetic. They are found  along the   path   of   the   meridians,   which  are channels  in  which  a  bodily energy called Qi   flows.   By  inserting  needles  into  the points can stimulate the point’s energy and make    the    Qi     flows   properly.




The  moxibustion  is the second most used technique.  Consists  in  the  application  of heat in  certain acupuncture points or body areas  through  the  combustion of stick-on moxa  or  moxa  rolls  made   of    Artemisa Vulgaris.  They  can  use  it  indirectly,  with acupuncture   needles   or   on  a  garlic  or ginger base.




Cupping is a method of creating a  vaccum on the patient's  skin to  dispel stagnation - stagnant      blood     an   lymph,     thereby improving    qi    flow    - to treat respiratory diseases    such     as    the  common cold, pneumonia,     asthma    and      bronchitis. Cupping   is    also    used    on back, neck, shoulder    and    other    musculoeskeletal conditions.




Ear acupuncture or auriculoacupuncture is a branch of acupuncture based on the idea that the  ear is microsystem  which reflects the    entire   body,   represented    on   the auricle. Conditions  affecting  the  physical, mental  or  emotional  health  of the patient areassumed  to be treatable by stimulation of  the  surface  of the  ear  exclusively. For that  purpose  it  is  used needles, Vaccaria seeds  or  magnets  among  others.




Electroacupuncture      is      a     form     of acupuncture where small electric current is passed   between   pairs   of   acupuncture needles   as   a   means  of  stimulating the acupoints. This  practice augments the use of  regular acupuncture, can restore health and  well-being, and is particularly good for treating pain.



                          TUI NA

Sometimes compared  to  massage, Tui na is  actually  a  much  broader  practice. It is the  application of manipulative techniques to  regulate  the  energy  that flows through the  meridians.  it  is  very suitable in many cases    such   as   when    energy   is   not circulating     properly,    a    fact     that    is manifested   in   the   form  of contractures, muscle   aches,   etc.



                                  DIET  THERAPY

" We are what we eat". A correct diet is used to prevent and treat diseases. One of the greatest physicians of ancient times (Sun Si Miao) said: " Pharmacopea is to be used only when diet therapy is insufficient". A healthy diet is one of the keys to wellness. There is no more natural, profound and basic treatment than what we can take with the food we intake everyday.




Chinese  phytotherapy  or  pharmacopeia  is  based  on  the use of medicinal   plants   for   the    treatment   of   certain   physiological alterations.  These  substances  have a relatively strong interaction with  the human body and are  gennerally used at lower doses and it   has   no   side   effects.



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